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Italian Greyhound Dog Breeders Profiles and Pictures

If you're an art admirer, you may have seen the Italian Greyhound in centuries-old portraits, immortalized with their noble owners by famous creative persons. This slim, dignified dog is the smallest of the sighthounds - the assembly of dogs propagated to search by view and give chase - and nearly resembles his much larger Greyhound cousin.

Agile and athletic, he has a small, muscular body and an dignified high-stepping gait. The IG, as he's often called, keeps his instinct for searching small game and will follow any thing that moves. He can reach peak races of 25 miles per hour, so if he gets loose he won't be very simple to catch. Although he's small, he has allotments of power and appreciates abounding of opportunities to workout. A fit IG can even make a good jogging colleague.

The Italian Greyhound has a mild personality, loving and affectionate with family constituents, but often reserved or shy with outsiders. regardless of his mild environment, he has a surprisingly deep, big-dog bark, making him a good watchdog — although he's too little to back up his barks and provide any genuine defence.

This is an intelligent breed who can be very simple to train, but you'll need to make it fun for him to overcome his "what's in it for me?" mind-set. When well taught, he can glow in dog sports such as obedience teaching, agility, and rally. The athletic, graceful IG appears constructed for agility, and many love the sport and do it well.

What they don't do well is housetraining. Like many small types, the IG can be tough to housetrain, and some dogs are not ever completely dependable in the dwelling.

apart from the occasional cleanup, life with an IG is both restful and zestful. He loves snuggling with his people for a while, then soaring round the dwelling and jumping on furnishings and tabletops. IGs are catlike in their love of high locations, and you'll often find them perched on the backs of seating, on windowsills, or any other high location they can reach. Older IGs are more sedate and will cuddle with you on your recliner and just enjoy the day.

On sunny days, expect to find your IG sunbathing in the backyard, one of his favorite amusements. He loves heat and is fussy about getting cold or damp. It's not odd for IG owners to have a sheltered area in the backyard so their dogs can proceed potty on rainy days without getting their feet damp. At evening, he'll burrow under the wrappings on your bed.

Your IG will demand vigilance if he feels he's being disregarded. Privacy becomes a distant recollection one time you own an Italian Greyhound, because he'll pursue you universal at all times. He's furthermore inquisitive and will investigate any thing that catches his interest.

The Italian Greyhound is one of those small canines with a large-scale character. He's affectionate, possessive, and loving, charming his way into your life. If you can give him the vigilance, exercise, and training he needs — not to mention tons of love — then the Italian Greyhound can make an dignified and loveable supplement to your household.

Italian Greyhound Dog Puppies
  Italian Greyhound Puppy

Italian Greyhound Dog Pictures
Italian Greyhound Dog

Italian Greyhound Dog Picture

Italian Greyhound Dog Pictures

Italian Greyhound Dog

Italian Greyhound

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