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American Water Spaniel (AWS) Dog Breeders Profiles and Pictures

American Water Spaniel (AWS) Dog Breeders Pictures
American Water Spaniel Pictures (1)

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American Water Spaniel Picture

American Water Spaniel Dog


The American Water Spanie - AWS is a medium-size all-around searching dog and retriever, so he's chock-full of power and eagerness. Like other hunting canines he desires plenty of workout and mental stimulation, and so long as he gets it, if it's from retrieving game out in the area or playing convey with the kids, he's a well-mannered family companion.

Although the AWS is utilised to hunt all sorts of little game, he specializes in waterfowl, and is a natural swimmer as well as a accomplished retriever and hunter. His versatility serves him well in numerous dog sports and undertakings such as agility, obedience tests, hunt tests, rally, therapy work, following, and seek and rescue, as well as conformation.

If you're looking for an hardworking dog who loves to bathe and get and can be trained for different sports and undertakings, the American Water Spaniel could be an perfect fit for you.

The American Water Spaniel will be friendly in the direction of persons if they have been properly introduced. He makes an very good watchdog however, and will attentive you with a warning bark if he learns any odd disturbances.

This is a uncommon type, and very couple of puppies are born each year. If you're interested in an AWS, find a reputable breeder who can help you decide if the breed's a good match for you. And then settle in for a good delay, you may spend several months or even a year or more on a waiting register before a puppy's available. People who type these exclusive canines desire to make certain they go to just the right dwellings, and they're adept to pick and select the families who'll take great care of their puppies.

American Water Spaniel (AWS)

American Water Spaniel Pictures
American Water Spaniels are hardworking canines and need daily workout. Give him one to two hours a day of strolls, sprints, or games of convey. You can shatter up exercise time span all through the day, an hour here, a half hour there. Without it they may express their pent-up power with recreational barking and unwarranted masticating.
The AWS craves companionship, and if you leave him solely for more than a couple of hours, he may articulate his boredom and loneliness in destructive ways. The AWS is best matched for dwellings where someone's dwelling throughout the day.
American Water Spaniels can be stubborn and manipulative. You should show them that you signify what you state by establishing directions and being consistent in enforcing them.
American Water Spaniels like to roam and may leave your backbackyard or your side to go searching on their own if they're not confined by a barrier or restrained by a leash.
AWS's may become one-person canines but will be amicable in the direction of family constituents. Don't anticipate them to fawn over tourists or outsiders, though.
rough treatment can make your AWS timid or obstinate. The type answers best to a gentle feel and teaching techniques that use pays for getting it right, rather than penalty for getting it incorrect.
Some American Water Spaniels are territorial and hard-hitting with strange canines, although they get along with other family dogs and pets.
They have a natural tendency for masticating, cutting into, and leaping, but you can overcome these behaviors with teaching.
To get a healthy dog, never purchase a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. gaze for a reputable breeder who checks her breeding canines to make sure they're free of genetic diseases that they might overtake up on the puppies, and that they have sound temperaments.

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