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Clumber Spaniel Breeders Profiles and Pictures

Cute Clumber Spaniel Puppies
 Cute Clumber Spaniel Puppies
Clumber Spaniel Family
Clumber Spaniel Family
 Clumber Spaniel Puppy Pictures
Clumber Spaniel Puppy

Clumber Spaniel Puppies
Clumber Spaniel Puppies

Clumber Spaniel Dog Breeders Pictures
Clumber Spaniel Dog

Clumber Spaniel Dog 1

Clumber Spaniel Dog 2

Clumber Spaniel Dog 3


The dog is Clumber Spaniel dog type was initially created to find and get game birds for hunters. Today, there is an effort to re-establish the Clumber Spaniel as an outstanding gundog, and many Clumber Spaniels compete in field tests. They can also be found in the display ring and competing in following, obedience, rally, and other dog sports. Last, but definitely not smallest, they make super family companions.

With his large head, reduced body, and considerable build, the Clumber Spaniel is often recounted as a dog who plods along with no great pace, agility, or power, but that recount doesn't do him justice. It's factual that he's a slow employee, but he has power and endurance, as well as great eagerness.

He comes living when he strikes bird scent and is painstakingly thorough in discovering it until he either finds his prey or concludes to move on. He's a flawless choice for the hunter who likes to relish his sport at a relaxed stride with a dog who will stay close at hand.

The Clumber works at a trot and is capable of going all day long at this stride. He wasn't propagated to be a water retriever, but most Clumbers bathe well and their hefty coat defends them from freezing water. Those used as duck canines don't have any difficulty breaking ice to retrieve their game.

This medium-size dog is the heaviest of the spaniel types with a long body that assists him move through underbrush. (That long body furthermore donates him a surprisingly far come to when it comes to nourishment on kitchen counters.) He's distinuished by a massive head, dark amber eyes, and a medium-length white coat with lemon or orange markings.

serene and sedate, the Clumber is a sugary and mild dog who relishes the business of his persons. He bonds to the whole family but occasionally selects one individual as his special favorite. Nicknamed the "retired gentleman's spaniel," he's a good choice for first-time dog proprietors because of his easygoing temperament.

The Clumber will adapt his undertaking level to your desires. His sporting heritage means he relishes a good stroll and can excel in the area or at a variety of dog sports, but he's furthermore quite fond of hearth and dwelling, especially if he can nap on top of your feet.

The Clumber is playful and smart, mischievous and obstinate, dignified and charming. A entire owner of such adjectives have been applied to this type, but suffice it to state that he's a much-loved constituent of the family who thrives on vigilance. Children who play ball with him will find him to be a tireless friend.

He's joyous to live at himself by bearing things around in his mouth, a custom he starts in earliest puppyhood and extends all through his days. It's not odd to glimpse him wriggle his entire body as he greets someone, all the while with a favorite toy or other object in his mouth.

The Clumber is not an easy-care dog, but neither does he need the same devotion to grooming as, state, a Poodle or Afghan Hound. He does shed, sometimes very strongly, and desires every day scrubbing if you want to keep loose hair off your clothes and furnishings. neither is he recommended for the tidy at heart. Clumber Spaniels shed, slobber, and pathway dirt into the house. If any kind of untidy bothers you, select a distinct breed.

Clumber Spaniels need daily workout, which can be persuaded by one 20- or 30-minute stroll or a 15- or 20-minute stroll or playtime twice a day. While Clumbers make very good walking companions, they're not matched to accompanying joggers. The type has a high incidence of hip dysplasia, and jogging can put pointless strain on their junctions.

teaching is fairly very simple with this intelligent type, although there are exclusions to every rule. In general, although, Clumbers reply well to praise and affirmative reinforcement in the form of food pays or play. Their mild dispositions can be easily impaired if they are corrected harshly. rather than, be fair and reliable in what you inquire, and pay him every time you see him doing something you like.

persons who love Clumbers state that one time you have one, you'll never want to be without one. Whether he's your searching buddy or a family ally, the Clumber will come back your fondness and loyalty many times over — and will moderately hot your feet as part of the bargain.

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