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Lowchen Dog Breeders Profiles and Pictures


With a title that converts to "lion dog," you might anticipate the Lowchen to have a fierce demeanor, but with persons he's lionlike only in his examines. Playful and mild, the Lowchen is a great companion for young kids and mature persons alike.

He is amazingly robust and loves to roughhouse with his people. The Lowchen generally gets along well with everyone, but he can be shy of outsiders. With correct socialization, this trait can be overcome, however. usually, Lowchen will fit into any household if there are canines before they arrive or not. They also get along well with other pets.

The Lowchen is affectionate and loving. They flourish when they are with their persons and can fit wherever that person is dwelling, be it an apartment or a large land parcel. They should not be left outside or in a kennel, and doing so will not only lead to sick wellbeing for the dog but furthermore to numerous temperamental troubles. 

Lowchens are not known for their high activity grades, but they relish their function as watch dog and will bark an attentive when they glimpse certain thing they believe deserves a answer. Some can also be partial to cutting into, and this custom can be tough to break.

The name "lion dog" arrives from the customary Lowchen clip, with close-cut hindquarters and a full, natural mane, but the nickname applies to the little dog's large-scale character as well. Lowchen have the "small dog...big character" down pat, and that can be a delight and a frustration.

They are alert and full of energy, sweet and affectionate, and they will challenge any dog or rule if they decide to. They will take over the homes and lives of the persons they love, and with their fierce determination and magnificent even temperament they will take over their proprietors' hearts as well.

Best features

The Lowchen was not evolved to be an outdoor or kennel dog. They are companion dogs and are happiest when they are in the company of the persons they love.
Barking is a much-enjoyed amusement for the Lowchen. They make very good watchdogs with their alert barking but they may become a nuisance to friends.
Lowchen make wonderful apartment inhabitants as long as their workout requirements are met. Expect to spend at smallest 20 minutes per day exercising him. He makes an excellent strolling companion and will go for long strolls with his people.
whereas the Lowchen doesn't shed much, he still requires normal scrubbing and grooming to avert tangles and mats and hold him in good wellbeing.
whereas not all Lowchen display this trait, numerous enjoy cutting into and the habit may be difficult to discourage.
Lowchen can be timid of new persons, and it is significant to socialize them at a juvenile age to disappoint any fearfulness or timid behaviors.
Lowchens are companion dogs and may suffer from parting disquiet when their companions depart for the day. They are not the best type for persons who work long hours.
To get a healthy dog, not ever buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet shop. gaze for a reputable breeder who checks her breeding canines to make certain they're free of genetic diseases that they might overtake up on the puppies, and that they have sound temperaments.

Lowchen Dog Pictures
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Lowchen Dog

Lowchen Dog Pictures

Lowchen Dog Picture

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