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A relation of the Poodle and Briard, this French water dog with the webbed paws gets down and soiled in pursuit of waterfowl, earning him the nickname 'mud dog.' He real title arrives from the French word barbe, significance beard, due to his bearded face.

The Barbet is no newcomer — the first in writing quotation to the type designated days back to 1387, although the breed may have originated as early as the eighth years. For centuries the Barbet assisted as a water retriever for royalty and commoner alike, and his thick, waterproof outer garment assisted profit from him a status for braving the chilliest water. King Henry IV was one royal follower, and legend has it that the king's mistress was one time reproached for conveying a Barbet to church.

In supplement to his retrieving abilities, the Barbet is cherished for his versatility and his joyful, smart character. In his homeland, he ranks among the top agility breeds and furthermore loves to follow globes and soaring computer discs. The type is rare, with approximately 30 to 40 making their home in the joined States and about 600 worldwide, but admirers of the Barbet hope others will arrive to share their love for this interesting dog.


Males stand 22.5 to 25 inches at the shoulder; females are 20.5 to 24 inches. They weigh from 37 to 62 pounds.
Coat, hue and Grooming

The Barbet's long, woolly outer garment is waterproof. It varieties from wavy to twisted, and colors include solid black, gray, dark, fawn, pale fawn, red fawn, and white.

every day brushing and combing is a must to avert mats from forming. The coat readily choices up burrs, twigs, and departs, so you may desire to have those every day grooming meetings after walks. Some proprietors clip the coat short to make it simpler to maintain.

The good report: The type sheds little, and may be a good alternative for those with allergies.

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Barbet Dog

Barbet Dog Pictures

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